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Increases leader knowledge

Of family supportive and sleep supportive leadership

Improves sleep quality and reports of sleep leadership

Among employees and their supervisors

Improves job satisfaction

Through changes in employees' sleep leadership perceptions

Reduces loneliness 

Among service members and their spouses  

Increases life satisfaction and perceived partner responsiveness

Among full time military employees and their spouses or partners

Reduces functional impairment

This refers to limitations in one's ability to complete their day-to-day responsibilities or get along with others

Reduces insomnia symptoms

Among supervisors

This training program has been shown to have the following effects:

Typing on a Computer


  • 1 hour computer based training for supervisors

  • 2 week behavior tracking exercise for supervisors

  • Sleep tracking and goal setting exercise for all employees

  • Sleep tracking recommendations

  • Resources for healthy sleep 

Training effects
Computer Office Work
Sleep Support Training link


Leaders at any organizational level are invited to complete Sleep Support Training and Behavior Tracking by clicking the training or tracking buttons. These buttons will open a new window.

All employees are encouraged to learn more about sleep tracking and healthy sleep behaviors by clicking the Track Your Sleep button below.

On the Phone
Behavior tracking link
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