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The Oregon Military Employee Sleep & Health (MESH) Study was a Department of Defense funded research project aimed at improving safety, health, and well-being of service members in the Oregon National Guard and their families. By training supervisors to better support their employees sleep and having employees track and identify their sleep patterns, MESH led to significant improvements in the health, sleep, and well-being of employees.

The Oregon MESH Study developed as a collaboration between Oregon Health & Science University, Colorado State University and Portland State University. With the full support of the Oregon National Guard, this study tackled the issues of sleep-related health and work-life stress amongst our full-time National Guard Soldiers, Airmen, and their families. Additionally, our research team included former service members who were invested in the success of this study and who were instrumental influences on the study design and training materials through their experience.

The Oregon MESH Study proposed that the relationship between leadership and their subordinates is vital to individual and organizational health and success. With the support of the Oregon National Guard, the MESH Study developed and provided Family and Sleep Supportive Training (FaSST) for supervisors while raising the awareness of participants' sleep quantity and quality through daily non-invasive actigraphy sleep measurements, personalized sleep feedback, and setting goals for healthy sleep behaviors.



The primary goal of the Military Employee Sleep and Health Study (MESH) was to test the effectiveness of a sleep leadership supervisor training combined with sleep feedback and goal setting for Service members.

Please view this final report to find out about:

  • Participant sample demographics 

  • Overall study results

  • Sleep Supportive Supervisor Training

  • COVID-19 data collection


 Please click here to see the report

Final Report


Leadership support and employee sleep summary

Leadership support and employee sleep



Sianoja, M., Crain, T. L., Hammer, L. B., Bodner, T., Brockwood, K. J., LoPresti, M., & Shea,S. A. (2020). The relationship between leadership support and employee sleep. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 25(3), 187–202.
Click here for a link to the paper

Hammer, L. B., Brady, J. M., Brossoit, R. M., Mohr, C. D., Bodner, T. E., Crain, T. L., & Brockwood, K. J. (In Press). Effects of a Total Worker Health® Leadership Intervention on Employee Well-Being and Functional Impairment. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology.

Click here for a link to the paper

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